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About Seas of the Outer Hebrides

Seas of the Outer Hebrides LogoOur understanding of the environment and the way it functions is growing. We are gaining insight into the fragility of some habitats, and the need for people and nature to remain connected for the benefit of all.

Our Scottish Marine Protected Areas are designated as protected for both nature and people. They are designed to support the great diversity of wildlife that benefits us all by providing a healthy environment in which we all live. Marine designations in the Outer Hebrides protect a diverse array of wildlife, from puffins at the Shiant Isles and at the world Heritage site of St Kilda, to intricate sea bed reefs in Loch nam Madadh and the Sound of Barra.

As part of MarPAMM, Seas of the Outer Hebrides (SEASOH) is working directly with communities and marine users to identify the best way to manage Marine Protected Areas in the region for the benefit of people and nature.

The project will deliver a regional management plan for the Outer Hebrides Marine Region (Click here for a map of the OHMR), putting communities and people at the heart of the process and building consensus on the future management of Marine Protected Areas in the islands.

What we hope to do

  • Build a shared vision for Marine Protected Areas (MPA) management at the regional scale in the Outer Hebrides drawing on the knowledge, ability and resources of all.
  • Develop strategies for effective MPA management through engagement with communities of the Outer Hebrides, key stakeholders and MPA managers.
  • Develop a greater understanding of ecological, social and economic impacts associated with MPA management in the region.
  • Seek to inform the development of other future Regional Marine Plans.

How we hope to achieve our goal to deliver effective MPAs management

Our project is supported by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, Marine Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). Each of these organisations is represented on a working group, which is tasked with community engagement and delivery of the project.

We are listening to views from all over the Outer Hebrides on Marine Protected Areas, to gain insight into community visions for their long term management.

The SEASOH project office is located at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Lews Castle College, Stornoway. Check our news feed or get in touch to find out about any engagement events that you could come along to.

Contact the project officer Charlie Main at: charlie.main@uhi.ac.uk




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